About Us

Woman’s Power at Work!

As three sisters who are entrepreneurs, our business experience dates back to ten years ago with tourism and traveling and expanded to Middle East beyond the borders of our country in a short time. The difference we make in business management with Aseel Seyahat Turizm Ltd. Şti, enabled us to be recognized as woman drivers and guides of the Middle East in a short time. While Middle East knows the women of Aseel, we started to get to know the world, principally Middle East; establishing a well-rooted network thanks to our traveling solutions for persons, groups and companies and lay the foundations of a new entrepreneurship.


Therefore, we added Corporate Marketing Consultancy to our line of business and established Aseel Group in 2019 as a product of women entrepreneurship. We combined our broad network required to develop special solutions towards rapidly-arising needs in the world in the field of corporate marketing with our experience in tourism and traveling, we have become “your global corporate marketing network”.

Difference of Aseel in export and domestic market

“Corporate marketing”, the greatest supporter of corporate reputation, requires global experiences and entrepreneurships even in the domestic market. Release of your products in domestic market corporately depends on as serious competition conditions and economic variables as marketing to the world. The approach of “Every good has a buyer” now refers to a vain hope. Even the best product cannot reach its buyer without correct corporate marketing approaches. Corporate marketing entrepreneurships that are not customized according to your special facilities and needs mostly remains inconclusive. We think that bringing proper producer and dealers and correct product and customers together require women’s sensibility and selectivity exceedingly!

Let’s determine your corporate needs and advantages together, progress together, buy and sell products in place! Let us become your corporate marketing network that is always at your disposal. In short, you produce and we sell, let’s open domestic market and world together!

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